The 4 Levels and 5 Dimensions of Healing: The Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential [Video]

Justin-Faerman-minBy Justin Faerman
Co-founder, Flow Consciousness Institute

This mind-expanding talk on the 4 levels and 5 dimensions of healing is a deep dive into the mechanics of reality, consciousness, healing and how to optimize and work with all three to create a more fulfilling life on every level—from your health, wealth, relationships and career to your level of inner peace, the quality and depth of your spiritual awareness and far beyond into the realms of multidimensionality.

By the end of the talk you will have learned what is truly required to let go of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, shame, limiting beliefs, trauma and anything else that is limiting you once and for all, and how to greatly accelerate your spiritual growth on every level by reprogramming the deepest levels of your mind. Combining insights from neurobiology, transpersonal psychology and the emerging science of flow, this talk will illuminate how your mind works, the influence of emotions, the nature of perception and reality itself and how to shift things so that life begins to conspire in your favor at all times.

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